Instaclack® Technology

Instaclack, the fastest and most effective system

The processing, transport, storing and distribution during the cold chain must be carried out in installations perfectly prepared guarantying the perfect hermeticity of the store.

The Instaclack system, created by our engineers, gives Hermeticity and Strength required by this kind of installations.


Fast and simple system

  • Ready for assembly system.
  • The assembly is done in very little time and without effort, just with a plain tool.
  • An electric machine can be used to fasten the system, saving up between 60% and 70% of the assembly time, compared to conventional systems.
  • It is not necessary to lay silicones or injecting polyurethane during the assembly.

High precision and hermeticity

  • The joints are perfect, without any gaps or holes where dirtiness can lodge.
  • There is no metal component, thus no risk of oxidation.

Maximum security and profitability

  • Modules can be assembled and disassembled as many times as necessary without resenting the pass of time.
  • The technology used in its manufacture is the guarantee of its unmatched performance.


Exclusive system possible thanks to constant Research + Investment. Simple but Effective. The Instaclack ® system, internationally patented, allows perfect joints totally hermetic. Completely no rust, self-centring, semiautomatic and without thermal bridges.

The system makes the assembly easy and dramatically reduces the assembly time. Besides, it allows assembling and disassembling the panels as many times as required. The rooms are easily enlarged/disassembled, so the Instaclack panels are a recovered investment. The strength of the cell is guaranteed by a thorough study of the efficient distribution of the fasteners of all the room.