Our company is registered by AENOR following the UNE EN ISO 9001 Norm since 1998 and under version 2000 of the same Norm since year 2001 (focussed on procedures for the development, practice and improvement of the quality management efficiency, to increase the client satisfaction through the compliance of these requirements), in the design and production process both of the injected polyurethane sandwich panels and the absorption refrigerators.

– Certificate ISO 9001 “ER” Cualitas Industrial S.A (PDF)

– Certificate ISO 9001 “ER” Instaclack Internacional S.A (PDF)


Taver Instaclack have obtained this month the ISO 14001 Certification in environmental management. JTogether with ISO 9001 Certification, this achievement have established the beginning to optimize our productive process and the following competitiveness improvement. The adaptation of  the ISO 14001 process could be summed up in three different stages: the company definition of the environmental policy, the planification, identify the environmental aspects and the legal requirements, at the same time we have defined our environmental objectives and finally the implementation process, based on the training and the fully aware of the company whole members.

–  Environmental Policy Declaration (PDF)

–  Certificate ISO 14001 Environmental Management Instaclack Internacional, S.A


Besides, this register is internationally renown and validated in the countries member of IQNET (Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Holland, Korea, Norway, Ireland, Austria, Singapore, Canada, Finland, Israel, Slovenia, Switzerland and Sweden)

– IQNET 9001 Instaclack Internacional S.A (PDF)

– IQNET 9001 Cualitas Industrial S.A (PDF)

– IQNET 14001 Environmental Management Instaclack Internacional, S.A (PDF)


And as we understand the constant improvement is infinite, we work with the PHILOSOPHY OF TOTAL TAVER QUALITY, to have satisfied clients since more than 40 years..


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